Fight against cellulite: AWT – Liporeduction by shockwaves

What is the AWT Anti-Cellulite treatment?

For this treatment, a shock wave emitter is applied to the skin, which will act several centimeters deep in the fat. The anti-cellulite treatment aims to revive the microcirculation that is slowed down in the cellulite areas and to reduce fibrosis and soften the thickened connective tissue of the cellulite.

This leads to an overall decrease in volume and an improvement in skin quality.


Cellulite is destroyed, the skin is smoother and rejuvenated, the connective tissue regains its tone and elasticity. In general, the figure is refined by the reduction in volume of the treated areas.

How often?

Anti-cellulite treatment : 6 to 10 sessions spaced 3 to 4 days apart.


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Belly (6 sessions) : from 1’600.00 CHF

Arms (6 sessions) : from 1’600.00 CHF

Thighs (6 sessions) : from 1’600.00 CHF