Hybrid Energy

What is Hybrid Energy ?


In a gentle and painless way, micro-needles penetrate the hypodermis, at a defined depth depending on the treated area. Radiofrequency waves are then passed between the needles and create a heating of the dermis, which causes the natural regeneration of collagen and hyaluronic acid and thus leads to the remodeling of the area. The micro-needles and their immediate cooling system make this treatment painless and without social eviction. All parts of the body can be treated, even the most sensitive areas, such as around the mouth and eyes.


The treated area is remodeled by a lifting effect, wrinkles are smoothed and the skin regains its elasticity with a natural effect after the treatment.

Résultat immédiat et à long terme.

How often?

Depending on the area to be treated


Aesthetic medicine consultation free of charge & without obligation
Our specialists listen to you, examine you and define with you a personalized treatment plan for both the face and the body.

Face : from 1’100 .- CHF

Face and neck : from 1’400.00 CHF