What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a procedure consisting of the targeted administration, by subcutaneous micro-injections, of specific agents under the skin. Cosmetically, vitamin “cocktails” and hyaluronic acid are injected in appropriate doses to the treatment area. This technique provides immediate hydration and regeneration.


The rehydrated skin is smoother, more supple and radiant as well as noticeably firmer. Fine wrinkles gradually disappear.


Generally, four sessions administered at fifteen, thirty and sixty day intervals are recommended. The procedure is relatively painless, with some clients reporting a micro-sting from the injections. After the treatment some red patches, which fade quickly, can appear on the skins’ surface. As always, adequate SPF protection is indicated to protect your skin from UV damage such as: dullness, wrinkles and brown spots, amongst others. A global treatment package encompassing facial Microdermabrasion and Mesotherapy is available by subscription.

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