What is OxySystem?

OxySystem is a oxygen therapy for the care of your face, neck and cleavage which combines oxygen infusion with dermabrasion and connective massaging.

The high purity oxygen increases blood flow, improves cell metabolism and stimulates the production of collagen by the fibroblasts, and by doing so it accelerates the reparative processes of the skin.
In a single handpiece, Oxy System couples a diamond head, for removing the outer layers of the epidermis, with a system of hyperbaric oxygen infusion, which alleviates the epidermal damage caused by the abrasion, so that the treatment is more pleasant, effective and complete. Oxy System is also provided with an oxygen-powered nebuliser which carries the topical agents and active principles contained in the reservoir, in order to rapidly activate all mechanisms of cell renewal.


Skin is a relaxed, young and fres.


1 session 3-4 times per year

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