What is a TriLipo Treatment?

TriLipo is a technique using radio frequency. The association of high mono and bipolar frequencies allows for deep and variable penetration simultaneously heating the superficial and subcutaneous tissue layers resulting in an immediate firming of the skin.
Under the influence of the heat, existing collagen fibers retract and as the collagen strands are pulled closer together, the skin immediately becomes tighter and smoother. Simultaneously, the heating effect accelerates the metabolism of the fibroblasts, which augments collagen regeneration and yields long-term skin tightening results as the dermal layer thickens and the skin becomes softer and more elastic.
Wrinkles are visibly reduced after the very first treatment leaving a perfectly natural effect without side effects. Other significant advantages of the treatment are its anti-inflammatory action as well as improved blood and lymph circulation which optimize tissue oxygenation and detoxification.
Furthermore, the treatment strengthens and tones the muscle layer. TriLipo treatments are ideal for strengthening the SMAS and cheek muscles, reducing fat deposits from the jaw line and treating double chins.


Thanks to TriLipo technology, the oval of the face, often difficult to treat, can be successfully re-contoured.
TriLipo presents multiple advantages: it is a soft technology which requires no anesthesia, leaves no scar, is painless throughout and is without side effects. The best is that there is no “down-time” and that it is effective on all skin types, all year round … even in summer!


1 session per week for 6 weeks. It is advisable to foresee maintenance sessions every 8 to 12 weeks thereafter.

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