The program My Silhouette is a new method of skin lifting using a focused ultrasound beam which is directed to the deep layers of the skin for getting real effect of remodeling without surgery, especially in the abdomen, thighs and arms.


HIFU technology

The method used in HIFU is similar to the work of the lens which collects the light beam and transmits it to a specific point. Similarly, focused ultrasound collected in the tip will produce microwave coagulation point on an adjustable depth below the skin in the deep layers of derma. HIFU (high intensity focusing of ultrasound) provide intensity of radiation four times higher (4 sensors) than the original version. The energy in the 4 MHz and 15 Joules focuses on the impact zone: abdomen, thighs, back, arms…

The energy penetrates to a predetermined depth in the hypodermis to destroy the fat cells of fat tissue, and also in the deep dermis for skin rejuvenation. In the treated areas body gradually gets rid of the fat. The fat cells are destroying without surgery and various complications.



Abdomen, arms, thighs



2 hours



The first results are tightening of the skin and decrease the volume; it is seen in a month after the session. Only one session allows you reconstruct a body without a boomerang effect.


Tonification of skin

Remodeling of body

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