Wrinkles and fine lines

What is laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles?

The system works on the basis of non-invasive laser technology and is used to treat fine lines, dilated pores, skin imperfections, etc. in a precise and effective way. Treatments are performed in a relaxed and painless manner, without the use of local anesthesia or anaesthetic gel.

Patients who have undergone laser treatment report exceptional results for the entire face, neck and décolleté.


After each treatment, you will notice small and regular changes, without undesirable side effects.

It takes 4 to 5 sessions, this treatment helps to soften skin imperfections that appear during the natural aging process of the skin, but also by reducing scars and sun damage. You will notice that the skin has a more toned appearance as the enlarged pores have closed. The overall results of the treatment can be impressive.

How often ?

Results are progressive. Usually, up to six sessions are required to obtain an optimal result. Problems and wishes may vary from case to case.


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