Brown Spots

What is the laser treatment for brown spots?

Lasers are frequently used in the treatment of skin pigmentation or “brown spots”. They improve the complexion of the skin and the superficial imperfections associated with ageing and photo- damage. It is possible to treat the entire face, neck and breast affected by patches of redness, dilated capillaries and/or brown spots. Light brown spots (low contrast) previously difficult to treat, respond henceforth very well to the procedure thanks to the new generation of lasers. Our lasers adapt themselves to your photo- type and selectively treat the zones of brown and/or red pigmentation of your skin. It is the thermal rise in the cells of the brown or red pigmentation which causes the therapeutic effect.


Immediately after the treatment, the brown spots will begin to darken and mild red patches may appear on your skin. It is possible that the area treated becomes slightly puffy. Generally, these reactions last for a few hours and sometimes one day or more. Red patches can easily be dissimulated with make-up. One week later, darkened spots disappear.


Generally, 2 to 3 treatments suffice to obtain an optimal result. Additional sessions may be recommended especially in cases of excessive photo- damage.

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