Brown spots

What is laser treatment for brown spots?

Lasers are frequently used in the treatment of pigmented spots. They can improve skin tone and superficial imperfections associated with aging and photo damage.

The new generation of lasers makes it possible to treat brown spots without pain! It is possible to treat your entire face, neck and décolleté with redness, telangiectasia (dilation of small blood vessels) or brown spots. Light brown spots (low contrast) that were previously difficult to treat now respond very well to treatment thanks to the new generation of lasers. The lasers adapt to your phototype and selectively treat areas of brown and/or red pigmentation on your skin. It is the thermal elevation of the brown or red pigmentation cells that induces therapeutic effects.


Immediately after the treatment, the brown spots will begin to darken and slight redness may appear on your skin. The treated area may be slightly swollen. One week later, the spots will darken and disappear.

How often ?

Generally, 2 to 3 treatments are sufficient to obtain an optimal aesthetic result. Additional treatments may be recommended, especially in the case of excessive skin photo damage.



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