What is a TriFractional Treatment ?

The TriFractional is part of the TriLipo MED procedure, a sophisticated, effective and safe anti-aging treatment which restores the natural beauty of your skin. Three different technologies are combined and used to treat the three tissue layers; the epidermis, the dermis and the muscle on arms, neckline or legs.
The epidermal layer is rejuvenated by applying TriFractional technology which is the energy from hundreds of radiofrequency beams deeply penetrating to the mid-dermis in zones of micro- impact. These tiny wounds trigger the natural healing response and the dead or damaged cells are replaced by new healthy skin.
The dermis is treated with the TriLipo technology. TriLipo warms the skin on the inside and forces the fibers of collagen, which are the key structural components of the skin, to contract and to regenerate. Over time your skin becomes softer and smoother.
The muscle layer is stimulated by DMA technology which strengthens and tones the facial muscles.
The TriLipo MED procedure is the most advanced solution offered for body rejuvenation. Immediately after the treatment and measurably over time your skin will appear more toned and firm.

Results ?

The anti-aging results achieved with the TriFractional are impressive: long-term skin tightening and firming, scar reduction, and skin rejuvenation. Thanks to TriLipo MED, the challenging outline of eyes and mouth are treated with success and it is also very effective on acne scars.
TriLipo presents multiple advantages: it is a soft technology which requires no anesthesia, leaves no scar, is painless throughout and is without side effects. The best is that there is no “down-time” and that it is effective on all skin types, all year round … even in summer!

Frequency ?

4 sessions spread over four to six weeks.