What is redustim?

Redustim is a medical device used to treat visceral and body fat in a dual action consisting of the emission of low frequency magnetic impulses which decrease the overall mass of body fat and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins through dermal micro-pressure. The magnetic fields emitted by the device Redustim cause imperceptible muscular contractions thereby stimulating the decongestion of fat cells. This store of fat cells is then naturally eliminated by the body significantly reducing waist measurement.
Thanks to this painless and non-invasive procedure you can relax while slimming your waist!

Grâce au traitement, indolore et non-invasif vous pouvez vous relaxer tout en diminuant votre tour de taille !!!


We have noted an average waist reduction of 6,1 cms.( 2,5 inches) after only 12 sessions.


12 sessions at the rate of 2 or 3 times a week is recommended.

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