Onda: Firming Treatment

The innovative solution against sagging skin !

Treatment without surgery !

What is Onda Coolwaves®?

Onda Coolwaves® is the most revolutionary technology in body contouring today. Microwaves (Coolwaves) rid the body of fat cells.

This treatment helps eliminate fat deposits, cellulite and sagging skin.


ONDA has two handpieces that are designed to act in a controlled manner by concentrating energy only where it is needed, thus preserving adjacent tissue.

The two intelligent handpieces “Deep” and “Shallow” transfer Coolwaves® to different skin depths for modulation and perfect adaptation to the patient, the type of treatment and the area to be treated.

– The “Shallow” handpiece is used for tightening and superficial cellulite

– The “Deep” handpiece is used to target fat and deep cellulite

Guided by electromagnetic fields, they act directly on the subcutaneous adipocytes, avoiding the dispersion of energy in the upper tissues, preventing overheating and possible damage. An integrated contact cooling system (5°C) offers total comfort to the patient.


ONDA has a regenerating and toning action but is non-invasive, long-lasting and without any side effects.

The results of this anti-slackening treatment are visible from the first session.

Smoother and firmer skin, Reduction of cellulite, Skin firming, Painless and safe for all skin types, Stimulates collagen production

Durée de la séance & fréquence

– 1 to 3 sessions three weeks apart
– Duration of the session 1 hour minimum.

Zone pouvant être traitées

The whole body (sagging skin, cellulite and localized fat deposits)

Les avantages

Non surgical, Non invasive, Comfortable, Painless, Safe, Effective, Fast and long lasting effect, No side effects