Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal ?

Permanent hair removal with lasers works on all types of skin, including skin that has been burned by UV light or the sun. Lasers can remove hair from all parts of the body: face, legs, underarms, arms, back… They can also be used to treat sensitive areas such as the chest, nipples or bikini area.


Your hair will significantly decrease with each session.

How often ?

For some areas, 3 to 6 laser hair removal sessions are necessary. However, the number of sessions required to achieve optimal and long-lasting results depends on various factors such as the thickness of the hair, the areas to be removed and the hair growth cycle, which vary from one person to another. Some redness will appear after the treatment and will disappear a few hours later.

The price of a laser hair removal session


It is important to know that the price of permanent laser hair removal is calculated according to the area to be treated and the patient’s hair profile. To find out the price of laser hair removal adapted to your body and your expectations, we invite you to make an appointment for a free consultation with the laser hair removal specialists at our EstheMedis center.



Aesthetic medicine consultation free of charge & without obligation
Our specialists listen to you, examine you and define with you a personalized treatment plan for the face as well as the body.


Face (lips, neck…) : from 110.- CHF

Arms & armpits : from 210.00 CHF

Back & chest : from 575.00 CHF

Legs : from 450.00 CHF

Bikini : from 260.00 CHF



Underarms, bikini line & half legs : from 930.00 CHF

Other areas : on request