MyLift : Facelift without surgery

What is the MyLift treatment ? (HIFU Technology)

The MyLift solution is a new technique for skin tightening using focused ultrasound that targets the deepest layers of the skin, providing a real lifting effect without surgery, especially on the neck, the oval of the face and the eye contour.

MyLift is primarily intended for patients with moderate skin laxity of the face, jowls and neck, which generally occurs in their 40s and beyond.  This treatment can be performed on all skin types at any time of the year. There are no noticeable side effects except for a slight swelling right after the procedure (which may last a few hours),

The main advantage of this technique lies in the fact that only one session is necessary to obtain a long-lasting result, for about 2 years.

HIFU technology

The process used in HIFU is comparable to that of a magnifying glass that focuses the sun’s rays on a precise point. In the same way, the focused ultrasound emitted by the handpiece will also create micro-points of coagulation with a controlled depth under the skin at the level of the SMAS (musculoaponeurotic subcutaneous system) and the deep dermis.

HIFU is a very precise medical procedure that uses heat from focused ultrasound to regenerate, tighten and reshape tissue. HIFU provides temperature elevation in the SMAS, fascia, deep dermis and subcutaneous fibrous tissue. The ultrasound beams are focused on the areas to be treated. The energy transfer raises the temperature above the denaturation threshold of the proteins, which causes a coagulation zone. The area is filled by the tissue or muscle in the periphery and the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles are reduced. A process of tissue regeneration will follow for several months after the session, resulting in a global rejuvenation of the face.

Treated areas

Face & neck

Duration & Frequency

Duration of the session 2 hours, effects over 2 years.


A single HIFU session can lift certain parts of the face that are lax. Jowls are also greatly reduced and cheekbones are enhanced. Superficial wrinkles are also effectively smoothed thanks to the focused ultrasound emitted in the superficial dermis. The skin is firm and tightened.


> Skin tone

> Skin rejuvenation

> Non-invasive face lift

> Lifting of the eye contour



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