MYLIFT is an innovative solution, a new method of skin tightening with the help of focused ultrasound flow that is directed to the deepest layers of the skin for obtaining a real lifting effect without surgery decollete, neck, correction of facial contours and eye area. We recommend to try MYLIFT to patients with a moderately flabby skin of the face, cheeks, neck, which is appears after reaching forty years old. The procedure is useful for all skin types, in any season. There are no side effects, except a small short-term post-operative swelling which disappears in the first hours after the procedure. The main advantage of the method is that for achieving sustainable results that will last up to three years, you need only one session.


The process used in HIFU is comparable with the work of a magnifying glass which collects the light beam at one point. Likewise, focused ultrasound passing through the tip seals the cells at a certain depth under the skin at the level of musculoskeletal system and deep layers of the epidermis. HIFU is a quite specific medical procedure based on the results of ultrasound studies; it uses a light beam for regeneration, tightening and reconstruction of the skin. HIFU-therapy increases the temperature in SMAS, deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous fibrous tissues. Ultrasound beams are concentrated only in the area that treatment needs. Energy transfer raises the temperature above the level of protein denaturation which affects the coagulation. Impact area is sealing, the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles are reducing. The method also works after the session during skin regeneration (over several months), but leads to an overall skin rejuvenation.


Face and neck


Duration of treatment is 2 hours. The effect of the procedure is preserved for 3-6 years.


Just one HIFU session allows to tighten flabby skin. The skin on the cheeks is tightening significantly. Surface wrinkles are smoothing due to the work of ultrasound passing through the surface of the dermis. The skin becomes supple and taut.


Tonification of skin

Rejuvenation of skin

Facelift Without Surgery

Lifting of the skin around the eyes



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