”Coup d’éclat !” BOOST YOUR SKIN !

7 Dec 2016


This procedure is ideal for all types of skin; it nourishes, hydrates, oxygenates the skin and rejuvenates the face after the first session. Génésis offers a complete facial and décolleté treatment that combines exfoliation, soft polishing, rejuvenation with essential nutrients, radio frequency lifting and compound of CO2 bubbles.

  • Exfoliating of the upper layer of skin.
  • The introduction of exclusive recovering formulas.
  • The oxygen saturation from the inside.



Mesotherapy is a procedure consisting of the targeted administration, by subcutaneous micro-injections, of specific agents under the skin. Cosmetically, vitamin “cocktails” and hyaluronic acid are injected in appropriate doses to the treatment area. This technique provides immediate hydration and regeneration.

The rehydrated skin is smoother, more supple and radiant as well as noticeably firmer. Fine wrinkles gradually disappear.

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