Plasma is the interaction between a gas and an electric current. It is formed when the energy becomes very high, so it is very conductive. The generated electrical beam is charged with energy capable of interacting with living organisms. Plasma is by far the most common condition in the universe of stars, lightning and aurora borealis are plasmas.

The use of plasma in cosmetology :
Due to the ionization of the gases in the air (origin of the plasma), an electric arc appears. When this plasma arc occurs it is the means of influence without contact between the tip of the special device and the skin. This thermodynamic system has several temperatures. Cosmetology is particularly interested in cold plasma, without risk of burns.




The discharge is conducted by the needle on the patient’s skin via an air gap of 1 to 2 mm. We control the intensity and depth of plasma exposure. The action of the plasma, without the transfer of the heat to the surrounding tissues, naturally causes a repairing action of the cutaneous tissue.


PlasmaPen : Eyelid lift


The innovative solution for the eye contour.

Treatment without surgery, without botox and without laser !


Few treatments offer a real alternative to blepharoplasty today. With
PlasmaPen you will get a real eyelid lift without surgery !

Skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and fine lines around the eye during the natural aging process, can be a problem for many of us. There are innovative solutions that help to get rid of this complex without surgery today ! A real solution to open the eyes and redraw the area around the eye.



Any type of wrinkles and fine lines of the face (eye contour, lips, eyelids,
forehead, etc.)
Scars (acne or others), pigment spots, stretch marks
Fine skin




All areas of the body according to the aesthetic objective (eye contour, lip contour, forehead, spots, bellies, etc.)




– Depending on the area (from a few minutes for a single stain to several hours
for the belly for example)
– 1 to 4 treatment sessions
– Instant effects that last more than a year






You get a real facelift treated areas without botox, without laser and without injection! All wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks and unsightly spots disappear.
Predict a social eviction of about 7 days.





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