What is TriFractional?

The TriFractionel is part of the TriLipo procedure, an anti-aging treatment that restores your face to its natural beauty. It uses three technologies to treat the different tissue layers of the face. The epidermal layer is rejuvenated using the Trifractional technology. The energy obtained from hundreds of small radio frequency rays penetrates the epidermis layer. Aged and damaged skin cells are removed and the body produces new skin. The dermis is treated using TriLipo technology. This will heat the skin from within and force the collagen fibers, which are the key structural components of the skin, to contract and regenerate. The TriLipo MED procedure offers the most advanced solution for facial rejuvenation.

Results ?

Your skin will be visibly firmer and smoother and you will see a measurable reduction in wrinkles over time. In addition, TriLipo MED is effective on all skin types and against acne scars all year round…

How often?

4 sessions at four to six week intervals.