Our corresponding treatments:

Vascular aesthetic lasers associate an ideal wavelength with very flexible parameters to deal quickly, surely and effectively with a great number of vascular lesions. Patients with dark, light or brown skin will all enjoy exceptional results as the skin is hardly affected and there is no remaining puffiness.
The laser sends impulses which coagulate the blood in the vein, thereby destroying the vessels which are then absorbed by the body. Lasers eliminate small vascularities from all parts of the body. The dilation of small capillaries on the face can be quickly treated without social downtime or further complication.


The aspect of the majority of treated vascularities improves considerably in 2 to 6 weeks following the procedure until total disappearance.


Patients often find that 2 or 3 sessions provide an optimal result. While these vascularities are definitively eliminated it is important to know that over time new ones will appear.

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