The process of hair loss cannot be considered as an enjoyable life experience. However, many of us are faced with this problem. Anxiety, fatigue, hormonal changes or aging process can cause a hair loss. Progress in cosmetic medicine can effectively struggle with this phenomenon. After numerous research and clinical tests in Esthemedis developed a full course of treatment, which on the one hand, stops hair loss, and on the other, stimulates their growth. This treatment combines using of several technologies (laser, LED) and active methods (biochemistry, mesotherapy) that accurately and effectively remove a real cause of the problem and promote hair growth. This treatment shows real results, so is the perfect solution for women and men. Thus, patients should understand that the effect of the procedure is long-term.


There are several phases in the process of treatment. Initially, hair loss stops. Then, begins a slight growth, strong growth, and complete regrowth of thick hair. The scalp is deeply hydrated and hair regains strength, flexibility, and shine. Thus, the quality of the hair from the roots to the tips gets better.


Duration of one procedure is one hour.

Ten procedures for ten weeks + additional observation, assigned as needed


The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask restores the structure of hair – products developed through the experience of bio engineering. Dietary supplements are prescribed as needed.


” I witnessed after 8 sessions of Mesotherapy for hair restoration an accelerated growth of hairs and an improvement in the thinning areas I would recommend this treatment for clients who are at the early stages of thinning and that are to soon for a Hair transplant. But also for post op FUE for the acceleration of hair growth.”

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