HairBoost : mesotherapy for hair

Qu’est-ce que le traitement HairBoost ?


Several phases are observed during hair mesotherapy. First, hair loss is stopped. Then a small amount of regrowth is observed and finally, a total regrowth with redensification of the hair. The scalp is deeply moisturized and the hair regains strength, suppleness and shine. Thus, the quality of the hair is improved from the roots to the ends.

Quel rythme ?

Duration of the session: 1 hour

10 treatments over 10 weeks

+ post treatment to be defined according to need

Produits Complémentaires

The shampoo, conditioner and restructuring mask range is based on expertise in bioengineering.

Food supplements to be prescribed as needed.


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Our specialists listen to you, examine you and define with you a personalized treatment plan for both the face and the body.

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